Does European Swimming Championships offer learn-to-swim classes or swim lesson?

The organization frequently holds tie-up events with community stakeholders to provide introductory programs for beginning swimmers. We regularly publish when and where we hold these programs, so watch out for our announcements. You can also contact us to check if there are available offers & coupons.

I swim on my own. Why should I join or volunteer for your organization?

We publish articles and videos that provide valuable tips and lessons for swimmers of all levels including online workouts designed for specific groups. Furthermore, the site serves as a platform for swimmers like you to connect with other swimmers of all ages and abilities.

What is a swim meet?

It is a swimming competition between individual athletes or between two or more swim teams. It is often organized by swimming organizations (like us) or by a governing body. A swim meet can be held indoors or outdoors. Some may also include a diving competition. The objective for these competitions is to complete the event as quickly as you can.

What is an open water swim race?

An open water swim race, like a swim meet, is also a swimming competition. However, instead of being held in indoor or outdoor pools, open water races involve swimming in natural or man-made bodies of water such as oceans, lakes, bays, reservoirs, rivers, or rowing basins.

What is a good age for a child to start taking swimming lessons?

Medical experts state that formal swimming lessons should ideally start after the child’s fourth birthday. This is because, before the age of four, children are not able to voluntarily hold their breath for a considerable length of time. However, you should also keep in mind that children develop at different paces. There is no guarantee that your child will be ready to take swimming lessons as soon as he turns four.

Is it safe for young swimmers to swim outside in the winter?

Yes, outdoor pools are often equipped with heated water with outdoor air quality (which is definitely superior to that of indoor pools). We recommend having cold weather gear and towels immediately near the pool so that swimmers can warm up as soon as they get out of the pool.

Some people also have the question of whether or not the proper apparel is directly related to good performance in sports. Well, to tell you the truth, it does. Wearing the right swimming gear, for instance, will help ensure that you aren’t too heavy or dense when you’re in the water. Sometimes, an athlete might have the necessary skills in order to do well, but he or she may lack the proper gear, thus leading to poor performance.

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